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Quick update

Dear CamVault users,

As you may have already noticed, the free section of CamVault sucks ass, most of the videos are deleted after 3-5 days by MEGA and we can't do anything to avoid that. MEGA has been very strict on the uploading of files for a while and most of the porn gets deleted quickly without notice.

This does also apply for the "Download from camvault" button at the FREE videos, that button only downloads the video from MEGA but without having to worry for MEGA quota limitations since we do it via our own servers, that means that if the video doesn't exists on MEGA, using the "Download from CV" button won't work either.

We can not guarantee the availability of public videos since there are not many hosts that allows that many files to be uploaded without blocking us

However we can offer one of our Premium accounts so you have access to our OnDemand feature where you can create your own model list to be recorded, we have NO LIMIT on the amount of models you can add to be recorded. Even more you have 100GB of space in our own Cloud Storage so you can save your favorite videos and watch them at any time, those aren't deleted :)

Here are some features of our Premium Accounts

  • OnDemand video recording, set your own model list and we will record the videos for you
  • NO LIMIT on the amount of models to be added for recording.
  • 100GB cloud storage to save your videos, watch at any time, anywhere
  • In-Website model live stream viewer.
  • Access our Face-Search feature to search for some model you like or even find models that are look-alike (doppelgangers)
  • Direct downloads from our own servers, no limits for bandwidth or speed
  • Stream all the videos without having to download them

We're one of the longest players in the game, kicking since 2016, proven and trusted by MANY users across the glove